Amber Leventry

JR and Vanessa Ford's book offers pieces of their own transgender child's story, but it represents experiences felt by many transgender kids. Calvin shows us how easy it can be to accept transgender children. 
When talking about reproduction, reproductive rights, and gynecological health, transgender folks deserve the same inclusive and affirming care as cisgender folks. That starts with changing the language around transgender pregnancy.
Members of the LGBTQIA+ community including youth themselves are using every resource possible to fiercely advocate for their rights. We need parents and advocates to be loud allies for progress. Pride needs to happen every day and queer folks—especially our youth—shouldn't have to fight so hard. 
When we look beyond the construct of gender and sexuality, we can help our children explore their identity without limiting their interests, joys, curiosity, and self-expression.
Gender isn't limited to boys and girls, so it's time to break the habit of assuming people must be one or the other. The best place to start? Teaching the right concepts to our children.
I thought my 6-year-old was just defiant and throwing tantrums when it was time to get dressed—especially in the winter. As it turns out she has sensory processing disorder. Here's how I'm helping her deal with it.
As our society advances to be more aware and respectful of the gender spectrum, parents are trying to figure out ways to include their children's diverse group of friends.