Alana Bracken

Conversations about what a healthy relationship should look like are important for parents to have with their kids. But often, these conversations can be confusing. Experts weigh in on how to teach your kid what behavior is acceptable when it comes to a partner.
As kids grow more curious and civically engaged, parents can play a key role in molding and guiding activism in the next generation.
It's normal to worry about your kid's eating habits. Experts offer tips to help encourage a positive mindset in your kiddo's diet.
There are certain values we'd love for our kids to have. But how do we go about teaching them? Experts offer ways to instill important values as they grow.
More and more parents are deciding to raise their kids gender-neutral. Experts explain what it is, when parents should start, and how it affects a child's development.
Since children may have trouble talking about their feelings after experiencing trauma, it’s important for parents to understand just how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) affect kids and the signs that indicate a child needs help.
Unfortunately, there is no catch-all guide that guarantees your little one's future achievements, but here's how to set the pace for your kid's success both in and out of school.