A. Rochaun Meadows

A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez

A. Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez is the staff writer for Kindred at Parents.com. She's also a research-based storyteller who processes the world through her award-winning writing. She found her voice in the aftermath of birth trauma and continues to sharpen it through mothering her children. She hopes to trouble one-dimensional narratives on Blackness, family, and mothering through stories on life in the Mountain West. She's also the founder of #freeblackmotherhood—an effort that asks Black mothers to prioritize self-love and authentic expression in all things, while asking them to imagine a world where Black women are free to feel. Her mediums change, but her passion for health, especially reproductive matters, remains the same.
More Black students are heading to medical school. It's up to everyone to ensure they can afford to graduate.
Black hairstyles reflect Black culture. Braiding in particular is a tradition passed down out of necessity and to nurture and spend valued time with our children.
Generational trauma is an unwanted inheritance. Black Millennial parents, however, are determined to end the cycle and usher in a new era of parenting marked by personal growth and generational healing.
The Ida B. Wells doll is Mattel's newest addition to Barbie's Inspiring Women Series, but skeptics wonder if the symbolic action is enough to prove the company's commitment to social change.
Domestic duties fall largely on mothers who work hard to take care of families. Paying them what they're worth would change the game.
"In Her Hands" will provide direct cash payments to Black mothers in Georgia, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision for economic equality.
Ten-year-old Izzy Tichenor's suicide death highlighted the effects of racist bullying on Black children's mental health. The impact is worsened when parents can't get help from their child's school.
Pregnant people who have limited access to healthy foods face a variety of health consequences. Receiving assistance via WIC both mitigates and contributes to this problem.
The backlash that TikToker Brittany Bright received after sharing a post about her overnight doula highlights age-old stereotypes about Black motherhood and suffering.
In an effort to fight hair discrimination, the company is releasing a new hair care collection inspired by Cherry's short film and the CROWN Act.
Inspired by the fictional show within a show on Issa Rae's hit HBO series 'Insecure,' the 'We Stay Looking' podcast tackles some of the most pressing racial disparities, most recently the Black maternal health crisis.
The beloved writer, activist, and feminist scholar died Wednesday, December 15. As we celebrate her life, we remember the lessons she taught us that we'll pass on to the next generation of children.
Mom and certified doula Korrine Sky is using Twitter to teach new and expectant parents about all of the challenges they may face.
The first Black Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is returning to the big screen in Spider-Verse 2, but fans are calling out his now looser hair texture and the loss of kinky hair representation.
The 3-year-old daughter of Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade could've danced all night.
At the White House's first Maternal Health Day of Action, Vice President Kamala Harris laid out a plan to reduce preventable maternal deaths — and it hinges on the Senate passing the Build Back Better Act.
Pictures of Black and brown patients rarely show up in medical settings and textbooks. Nigerian medical student Chidiebere Ibe is changing that.
Kids who are making a difference can apply by January 7 for a chance to win.
'Our Brown Boy Joy' challenges false narratives about Black boyhood.
The Searchable Museum has hundreds of interactive exhibits and is now available online for families interested in Black history. 
The comedian and actor teamed up with STEAM toy brand Osmo to deliver holiday cheer to a few lucky families.
'All Boys Aren't Blue' is at the center of a national debate and turmoil between school board officials, students, and celebrities, like Gabrielle Union, about censorship of race and queer erasure.
Black parents have an antidote for a prison pipeline that is directly linked to in-school policing. Why haven't we followed their lead?
One mom says her husband was furious when he found out what she was doing. But Redditors came to her defense.
Baby Dove has officially entered the fight to close the maternal health disparity gap by pledging $250,000 to Black birthing people to hire doulas as part of its Black Birth Equity Fund.