Parents Swear by These Anxiety Tents To Help Kids Relax—and They’re All on Sale

Anxiety tents and pods give every kid a safe space to call their own for some re-centering time.

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These 10 Anxiety Tents Can Be a Safe Haven for Kids tout

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Many parents are touting the benefits of “anxiety tents” on social media—these tents are simply safe places that kids can retreat to when they need a minute to regulate their nervous systems, calm big feelings, or just need a cozy place to recharge or read. 

An anxiety tent can be anywhere or anything in your home that creates a special, calming area for your child. Some parents have carved out entire rooms for children with autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, and more, while others have hung curtains that have created a small yet private area. 

Children who may manage anxiety and depression may also benefit from a retreat within their home, especially if it’s outfitted with tools and resources like cozy blankets, journals, “calm jars” or art supplies that can help them express their emotions. A new study from the British Medical Journal points to the alarmingly high rates of anxiety and depression in even very young children since the start of the pandemic, so it’s more important than ever to try to set our children up with tools to manage their mental health.

Again, anxiety tents can be made of anything you already have and there are no rules, but if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ready-made anxiety tents on sale right now. 

Large Kid's Tent with Banner, Light, and Padded Mat

Little Dove Large Kids Tent, Kids Playhouse with Banner


If you want a tent that pretty much has it all, ready to go, this is a great option. The tent comes with four sides and opens on one side, plus it’s equipped with a flag banner, star string lights, and a non-slip padded mat. It stands 52 x 35 x 51 inches and conveniently, can fit a crib mattress if you have an old one that could be repurposed to make it even cozier. 

You could choose to use this tent on the floor or set it up directly over a bed as well. The tent has many positive ratings and a few reviewers on Amazon did recommend washing the tent fabric (it’s machine-washable!) before setting it up. 

To buy: Large Kid's Tent with Banner, Light, and Padded Mat $69.99 (was $99.99); 

Razee Large Playhouse Tent Indoor

Razee Kids Play Tent

Razee Kids Play Tent

This indoor tent and playhouse from Razee is very similar to the previous tent in this list, but it does stand a bit taller at up to 60 inches, so if you have a taller child or a child who would prefer to stand up to regulate, this might be a better option. 

The closure is a gauzy material, so a child could be completely enclosed without feeling stifled (and you could keep a close eye on them if needed) and reviewers claim set up an even disassembly if you want to move it around is super easy too. One occupational therapist even shared that she used this tent to "make a quiet corner with a bohemian, age-appropriate theme for my students who have special needs in high school."

To buy: Razee Large Playhouse Tent Indoor $69.99 (was $109.99); 

Mybbrm Ceiling Canopy

Mybbrm Princess Canopy


Another option to create an anxiety tent is to hang a canopy from the ceiling. The canopy could extend all the way to the floor, carving out a separate place or surround their bed to allow them to retreat on the bed. This might be an especially helpful option for smaller spaces or shared rooms to allow each child their own safe place. 

Jacqueline Williams realized that her 3-year-old daughter—who has a sensory processing disorder—wanted a safe place to retreat when she would visit her brother’s Kura IKEA bed and close off the only open side to create a makeshift private space. 

“She would close off the only open side to make an enclosure for herself and that’s all we realize she wanted something,” Williams explains. So when she redid her daughter’s bedroom, she took curtains and hung them from the ceiling to make a tent to surround her. 

To buy: Mybbrm Ceiling Canopy $36.90 + 10% off coupon for Prime members; 

Blackout Sensory Tent

ODOXIA Sensory Tent


This sensory tent is specifically designed for children with sensory and autism spectrum disorders and comes in two different sizes, 35 inches or 47 inches. The larger size may be helpful if you need to go in the tent with your child, or you just want to add more comfort touches, like pillows and blankets. 

The tent will provide a light-blocking environment, even in full daylight, so it’s perfect for moments or environments where a child could become overstimulated. There are no built-in lights, so if your child doesn’t want to sit in complete darkness, you will need to add additional lighting sources, like a lantern or something they can switch on and off. 

To buy: Blackout Sensory Tent $89.99 (was $99.99); 

Kids’ Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse

Pacific Play Tents


Younger kids especially may appreciate the fun design of this camping-themed tent that doubles as a playhouse that looks straight out of a Bernstein Bears book. The company notes that the tent can fit over a full-size mattress, so you can set it up on the floor or affix it directly to your child’s bed mattress. Plus, there are mesh panels that provide plenty of ventilation if you do chose to leave it on the bed while your child is sleeping. 

The tent also comes with a convenient carry bag, so you can move it from room to room or take it with you as you travel. 

To buy: Kids’ Tree House Bed Tent Playhouse $39.59 (was $73.99); 

Skywin Kids Bed Tent

Skywin Bed Tent Twin


Bed tents like this option from Skywin have become very popular, because they’re simple, versatile, and can be used in a variety of different ways, from serving as an anxiety tent to allowing kids in shared spaces some privacy—for instance, I could see how this tent could be super useful for my 8-year-old, who loves to read at night but often has to shut her light off so her 3-year-old sister that she shares a room with can sleep.

This bed tent is a pop-up design with zippered openings that roll up, so it’s simple to set up and use and it bends easily for storage as well. 

To buy: Skywin Bed Tent $99.99 (was $109.99); 

Curtain Set for Twin Loft Bed

Delta Children Loft Bed Tent


Tess Hefner, from Chicagoland, IL, explains that she and her husband created a calming space for her six-year-old son, who has autism, in his room, under his loft bed.

“We have a bean bag under his bed, along with twinkle lights, and his ‘Breathe Like a Bear’ breathing exercises book,” Hefner says. “He needs some prompting to use the spaces, but they are generally effective at helping him regulate.”

You can create an anxiety tent under a loft bed or bunk bed with a curtain set like this one that comes in six different patterns. There is also a mesh panel and a roll-up front if they would like a more exposed space. 

To buy: Curtain Set for Twin Loft Bed $54.99 (was $59.99); 

Swing Hammock Pod Chair

AMAZEYOU Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair


Hefner adds that in addition to a loft bed with curtains, her son also has a cocoon swing that is very effective for him. “His favorite way to regulate is to be packed into the cocoon swing with blankets tucked around him while someone spins the swing,” she says. 

There are many different swinging pod options on Amazon, but this particular one is 37% off at the moment, so it might be a great option to try if you’re new to anxiety tents, swings and pods. With four colors to choose from, it can be used indoors or outdoors, and holds up to 175 pounds.

To buy: Swing Hammock Pod Chair $29.77 (was $46.95); 

Skywin Bed Tent

Skywin Kids Bed Tent Twin


This is this is the more "fun" version of the aforementioned bed tent, perfect for kids who are into vehicles and need a private cozy place to call their own.

To buy: Skywin Kids Bed Tent, Twin $99.99 (was $129.99); 

Pop-Up Shade Tent

Pop-up Tent and Automatic Instant Portable Cabana Beach


As a parent, I have to say I find this pop-up portable beach tent an appealing option because it can be used as an indoor anxiety tent, outside for kids who need a safe place while playing outdoors, and during beach trips. Some reviewer parents even noted they bring it to their other children’s sporting events to provide a safe place for siblings to hang in. Plus, it’s $30 off right now!

The tent is meant for “casual camping,” can accommodate up to two people, and features double doors with zippered screens and an outer nylon layer. There are also mesh windows for breathability and a carry bag that makes it easy to take with you on the go, or for your child who may want to take it on trips or visits with friends and family. 

To buy: Pop-Up Shade Tent $44.99 (was $74.99);

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