Last-Minute Easter Basket Gifts from Amazon That Will Still Get Here in Time—All Under $20

There’s still time to fill those baskets with these affordable kid-approved picks.

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Last Minute Easter Gifts Under $20 Tout

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If you’re still looking for Easter basket gifts that will arrive by April 9, you’re in luck—thanks to the magic that is Amazon free 2-day shipping, it’s not too late. To save parents some valuable time and money, I’ve rounded up some great picks, from a fun Kids’ Bow and Arrow Set to a sweet Mini Garden Mermaid Terrarium that will nourish their indoor creativity, to a classic Supertrip Soft Jump Rope that won’t destroy anyone’s ankles—that will all get here by the big day. Even better, they’re all under $20. 

Plus, as an added bonus, I had my 12-year-old, 10-year-old, 8-year-old, and 3-year-old add their favorite items, so you can rest assured that these are thoroughly kid-approved Easter picks. 

Mini Garden: Mermaid Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Mini Garden: Mermaid Terrarium


In the spirit of Easter and Spring, your kids will love growing their own mini terrarium indoors. My 8-year-old received a fairy garden terrarium as a gift recently and she has loved tending it and watching it grow. Choose from a mermaid, dinosaur, or unicorn version, and watch as your kids can decorate it to their hearts’ content, complete with stickers, accessories, and colored sand. It's also on a buy one, get one half-off deal right now!

To buy: Mini Garden Mermaid Terrarium, $9.99 (was $10.99); 

Remote Control Helicopters 

2 Pack Flying Ball Kids Toys


These are a huge hit in our house. My son received a few of these for Christmas one year and they had hours of fun with them. Just beware that kids and flying air balls don’t always mix well in the house, so encourage this particular brand of fun outdoors if you can.

To buy: Remote Control Helicopters, $15.99; 

Hover Soccer Ball for Kids

Hover Soccer Ball for Kids


This is another tried-and-true fan favorite in our house. For soccer fans or just a fun way to entertain the kids inside when the weather is still gloomy, there’s nothing quite like a floating soccer ball. Choose from a light-up blue or a traditional black-and-white design and watch out for your ankles when you fire it up!

To buy: Hover Soccer Ball, $14.79 plus additional 5% off coupon (was $16.29); 

Kids’ Pink Digital Camera 

SINEAU Digital Camera


If you’re not quite ready to hand your kid your old phone or they want one that they can all their own, they’ll love carrying out their own personal digital camera that can shoot video and stills with. It comes with its own 32 GB SD card and comes in two different styles. And as an added fun bonus, the camera is pre-loaded with 5 different kid-friendly games for more entertainment. 

To buy: Kids’ Pink Digital Camera, $19.99 after 20% off coupon (was $26.99); 

Customized Water Bottle

PURPLE LADYBUG Decorate Your Own Water Bottle


It may not be a Stanley, but your kids will love seeing this ready-to-decorate custom water bottle in their baskets on Easter morning. And from a parental perspective, it’s helpful to know that these water bottles are BPA-free and aluminum, unlike many of the other customizable water bottles out there. 

To buy: Customized Water Bottle, $14.99; 

Dolanus Bubble Machine for Kids

Dolanus Bubble Machine for Kids


Is it really an Easter without bubbles? Take the work (and mess!) out for you and nestle this electric bubble machine in their baskets for Easter morning. The bubble gun also comes with 2 packs of bubble solution and 4 AA batteries, so you can get started on having fun right away. It might be helpful to throw another bottle of bubble solution refill in the basket too because kids + bubbles tend to go very quickly. 

To buy: Bubble Machine for Kids, $14.99; 

Kids’ Bow and Arrow Set

Duckura Kids Bow and Arrow Set


This kids’ bow and arrow set is a whopping 50 percent off right now, so it would make a great addition to a budding archer in your family. The set comes with a bow and arrow, a target, wristbands, and 40 darts. And don’t worry: the darts are flat-top rubber, so no one will be shooting their eye out. I mean, we hope. 

To buy: Kids’ Bow and Arrow Set, $19.98 plus $2 off coupon (was $39.99); 

LCD Toddler Doodle Board

LCD Writing Tablet Toddler Toys


How adorable is this 8.5-inch Easter-themed electronic doodle board? Not only will it look cute inside your toddler’s Easter basket, but they will love having their own “tablet” to draw and doodle on—all while they work on their hand-eye coordination and creativity skills. There’s even a handy built-in pen holder and a “lock” and “erase” button that will be the most-loved feature, guaranteed. 

To buy: Kids’ Toddler Doodle Board, $16.99; 

Bop It! Micro Series Game

Bop It! Micro Series Game


It’s a classic for a reason—this game is mini-sized to fit perfectly in an Easter basket, but still provides full-on fun, even for the whole family. I can attest that one of my kids received this for Easter years ago, and we’re still enjoying it. Parent warning: Prepare to feel fully middle-aged when you try to keep up with the kids, though. 

To buy: Bop It! Micro Series Game, $17 (was $19.46); 

Make Your Own Bird Feeder & Wind Chime Kit

Gooidea 2-Pack Arts and Crafts for Kids


Call me old, but I’ve totally got my kids roped into my love of bird-watching with me. I have no shame in my bird-watching game and I know my kids would be thrilled to find these DIY bird feeders and wind chime kits in their baskets come Easter morning. This set comes with everything you need to create and decorate two wind chime bird feeders. 

To buy: DIY Bird Feeder & Wind Chime Kit, $19.99 plus additional 5% off coupon;

Non-Toxic Sidewalk Chalk

Urban Infant Non-Toxic Sidewalk Chalk


Sidewalk chalk is definitely a classic Easter basket filler, but this option is a nice change-up because it’s made with child-safe pigments and non-toxic, so you can rest easy when it’s in little hands. Choose from bright classics or more muted tones in a set of five for plenty of color options. 

To buy: Non-Toxic Sidewalk Chalk, $11.95;

Original Tamagotchi Digital Pet

Tamagotchi Original Denim Patches


For under $20, you can introduce your kids to the original fun of taking care of a digital pet—and maybe it’s a good chance to show them how much work a pet is before turning to the real thing, too. Pick up a favorite design from your teenage past or try on some updated options too. 

To buy: Tamagotchi Digital Pet, $19.97;

Tronco Glass Tumbler 

tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler


Older kids might appreciate this 20-ounce glass water tumbler that comes in an array of colors and includes its own protective sleeve and straw. Bonus: the company promises that if your cup breaks within the first year of ownership, they’ll replace it, free of charge.

To buy: Tronco Glass Tumbler, $12.79; 

AslabCrew 2-Way Zipper Unisex Belt Bag

AslabCrew 2-Way Zipper Unisex Belt Bag


Another one for the older crowd, the preteens and teens in your life might appreciate seeing this trendy belt bag in their baskets come Easter morning. And hey, maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you one, too. Choose from 14 different colors. 

To buy: AslabCrew 2-Way Zipper Unisex Belt Bag, $15.98; 

Infantino Lil' Nibbles Carrot Silicone Teether

Infantino Lil' Nibbles Textured Silicone Teether


This best-selling lil’ carrot teether might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and is absolutely perfect for little ones celebrating their first Easter. It’s silicone, BPA-free, and can be wiped clean.

To buy: Infantino Lil’ Nibbles Carrot Silicone Teether, $4.99; 

Bug Catcher Kit for Kids

STEAM Life Bug Catcher Kit


Want to see one of the most entertaining sights of your life? Set your kids free with this bug catcher kit, complete with a magnifying glass, critter “keeper,” and catch wand. You’ll discover all kinds of creepy crawly friends—just be sure to give strict instructions to keep their new catches outside, where they are happiest, of course.

To buy: Bug Catcher Kit for Kids, $14.97, plus 10% off coupon; 

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book


This Amazon exclusive comes in just under $20 and will help guide your toddler to learning over 100 expert-chosen words to boost their language and cognitive development. Batteries are included, but it’s recommended you pick up a few extras to ensure you can play all day. Choose from five different versions, including bilingual options. 

To buy: LeapFrog 100 Words Book, $19.99; 

Matching and Sorting Egg Puzzle

Matching Egg Set


Move aside, colored eggs, there’s a new cooler egg in town: your toddler will delight in opening this egg carton full of eggs that can match by color and shapes. Not only are they fun to open —no fear of broken shells here—but they teach colors and shapes while boosting memory skills, too. Recommended for ages 3+. 

To buy: Matching and Sorting Egg Puzzle, $11.99; 

Supertrip Soft Jump Rope

Supertrip Jump Rope Kids


Jump ropes are a staple in our family’s Easter baskets and this version is a soft rope, unlike the beaded torture devices of our youth, to protect young ankles and legs. This pack comes with two, so try your hand at impressing your kids with your Double Dutch skills.

To buy: Supertrip Soft Jump Rope, $9.99; 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, Rainbow-cation Wolf Family Carton 

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles


Why am I a grown adult who thinks Hatchimas are the coolest thing ever? I don’t know, but if you live far from a farm, these toys may be the closest thing to watching an egg hatch you’ll get in real life—and the toys are a lot easier to take care of than baby chicks! This set will get your kids 10 characters, 2 accessories, and the carton playset to enjoy, but let’s be honest: the real fun is in the hatching anyways. 

To buy: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, $12.99 (was $19.99);

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