What do I do to discourage my son from asking for my food?

Q: What do I do when my 5-year-old boy keeps asking for food, especially when I am eating. He always wants to share my food whatever I eat.


What a great problem! You should start eating more vegetables!!! But seriously, the food you eat might look more appealing simply because you are eating it so take advantage of it. Perhaps, instead of making his plate of food, just bring an empty plate over to the table and share what is on yours (add a bit more to your own plate so you aren't missing out on a meal). This truly can work to your advantage and give your child a broader and healthier food palette. 
To avoid conflict, tell him up front that you are willing to share your meal and then place his portion on the plate. Tell him that you are going to eat your meal now and that he has his portion (so he is not looking to take more of your food away). Then follow through with the plan and do not offer more. If you are consistent, he will quit demanding.