Why won't my toddler go potty at daycare?

Q: My child is 2 and 1/2 years old and started potty training when she turned 2. She does fine at home with her potty chair. Sometimes she wets herself if she goes somewhere outside of the home. She is in daycare and she still wears pull-ups because she won't tell the daycare teacher that she has to go. The daycare teacher will take her to the potty and she will go every time but she will just wet in her pull up when the teacher don't take her. She doesn't talk all that well yet but she can say potty. What should i do?

A: What you describe is super-common for potty training toddlers.  They usually start out associating potty rules with their comfy and familiar home environment. It takes a little longer for those rules to generalize to other settings like school or the park. Savvy preschool teachers understand this and will provide extra support and reminders at school. Usually this is all that's needed to eventually learn about how to stay clean and dry at school. As her speech skills develop, she'll get better at communicating her needs, too. Hang in there!