How do I get my toddler to stop taking off her diaper all the time?

Q: How do I get my almost 2 year old daughter to stop taking off her diaper all the time? I take her to her potty to try to get her to go but she sits there and does nothing but she will take her diaper off and (gross I know) try to play in it, wet or dirty. She usually doesn't get far before I catch her but she goes in her room to do this. Please help!

A: Your toddler clearly is not ready to potty train, so don't make it easy for her to take her diapers off. One solution: duct tape. Not kidding. If you affix the diapers with duct tape, she won't be able to strip. Or, you can have her wear overalls, or some other equally challenging clothing item to remove. Bottom line: until she is ready to toilet train, keep her from being able to take her bottoms off.