How can I keep my child dry through the night?

Q: How can I keep my child dry through the night?

A: Even if your child uses the potty during the day, it could take up to a year before she's dry at night. By kindergarten, most kids can wear undies around the clock. The two determining factors are how long your child can hold her pee and how deeply she sleeps. Here's the best strategy for giving it a try:• Cut way back on drinks after 6 p.m.• Lay a few towels or a mattress protector over your child's fitted sheet before bedtime.• Tell your child what's going on by saying, "You know what? We're going to see if your body is ready to wear underwear at night."• After a couple of nights, if it doesn't seem to be working say, "No problem. Your body isn't quite ready yet." Try again in another month or two. --Nancy Rones

Copyright 2007. Used with permission from the November 2007 issue of Parents magazine. Updated 2009