How early can a woman experience pregnancy symptoms?

Q: I haven't gotten my period, but it's always irregular. It's supposed to come between the last week and first week of every month, and it hasn't and the feeling I'm having makes me think I'm pregnant. My breasts are sore through the day and perky when I wake up. My stomach in the lower part is very sore and sometimes achy. I'm tired mid-way though the day - I just want to stop what I'm doing and sleep. Could I be pregnant? Isn't it to early for these symptoms?

A: Pregnancy symptoms (pelvic discomfort, missed periods, breast swelling or tenderness) are not uniformly experienced in every pregnancy.  Women who have irregular cycles are at risk for hormonal imbalances and some of the symptoms of these imbalances may be the same as a pregnancy.  Any woman who has irregular cycles can be pregnant if she is not using regular contraception to prevent pregnancy.  A blood draw in your doctor's office can tell you if you are pregnant or simply experiencing a hormonal imbalance that your doctor may want to correct.

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  1. So I have a 1yr old and a 8 week old. I was full blown breast feeding my know 1 yr old and on birthcontole nuva ring when I got pregnant with my son by the time I was 5 months post pardum with my 1yr old I was about 6 weeks pregnant. I desided to use depo this time wile breastfeeding how ever I ovulated acording to the clear blue advance ovulation test on Monday the 12th am I had Intercorse on Sunday pm the 11th. I have bleed right after my son was born in June and again on July 18th wasnt a full period but decently heavy I used pads. I started spotting on Tuesday August 17th. Still spotting. Not heavy or changing color I only use 2 liner a day insted of a past. Is it lossible I'm am pregnant again?

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