Why are some babies born after their due dates?

Q: Please let me know.

A: Only 5% of women deliver on their actual due date.....the remainder deliver around that predicted date. Baby that are "overdue" may actually be "younger" that expected....this is common in women who have irregular menstrual cycles and are unsure of their last cycle date before conception or in women who seek care late in the pregnancy and have their "due date" determined by ultrasound....ultrasound becomes less accurate the further along in pregnancy. Lastly, we still do not know the exact mechanism of labor starting....we know some of the hormones and chemicals that are in higher levels before labor begins, but we have yet to figure out what "signal" the baby gives to say he or she is ready to come out. So long as you receive adequate post due date testing and are delivered before 42 weeks are completed in the gestation period your baby will be fine.