What happens after your mucus plug comes out?

Q: My mucus plug came out today. What's next?

A: Losing your mucous plug is one of the many preliminary – and exciting – signs that labor may start sooner than later. Some women notice when the plug is released, others don’t. At some point before or during labor, you will lose your plug.

This could mean many things, or not many at all since every labor is different.  For some women, the amniotic sac ruptures – otherwise known as the water breaking - soon after the mucous plug is released. Others may not have additional labor signs until a few days later or even longer.

If your water hasn’t broken, you haven’t started having contractions, and your midwife or doctor hasn’t given you a specific reason to call or go to the hospital when you’ve lost your mucous plug, what’s next? Waiting for labor to start. Good luck!

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