What are some great kid-friendly vegetable dishes?

Q: I need a great vegetable dish for a large family dinner. I would love something that could be made ahead of time and that children would actually try.

A: A great way to encourage kids to try new vegetables is making them into fun shapes and textures. Try these tasty dishes your kids will love:

Steam broccoli until tender. Puree the broccoli with a splash of vegetable or chicken stock, then mix the "green sauce" into the classic kid favorite, mashed potatoes! Kids will get a kick out of the green spuds and you can feel good about all the nutrients in the dish. 

Instead of serving straight carrot or zucchini sticks, try making a simple salad of carrot or zucchini "ribbons" Use a vegetable peeler or mandolin to make thin strips of vegetables. Toss with your favorite dressing and watch the kids gobble it up.