How do I make bedtime easier for my twins after they are out of cribs?

Q: I have 21 month old twins who share a room. They are still in cribs and right now they go to bed at 7:30 but they play/talk for about an hour before going to sleep. My question is: when is the best time to transition from the crib to toddler/twin beds and how would I keep them from getting up and playing with each other at bedtime without putting them to bed too late?

A: My best piece of advice is to wait as long as possible before transitioning them to a bed.  It is much better to wait until closer to three years of age.  At that age, they will have the ability and understanding to stay put in their beds and to know that it is now bedtime, not playtime.  Making the change too early will likely lead to a lot of frustration on your part and theirs.


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