Why does my 11 1/2 month old still waking up at night?

Q: He goes through spurts where he will sleep all night for a week and then he is back to waking up crying in the middle of the night. Sometimes he takes a bottle and sometimes he doesn't.

A: It sounds like your little one is right on the verge of consistently sleeping through the night every night.  Be sure that he his last feeding in the evening is occurring before you start his bedtime routine, so he is not relying on the bottle to fall asleep at night, and then back to sleep when he naturally wakes up throughout the night.  Also, at his age, as long as growth is normal, he should no longer need any nighttime feedings. If your pediatrician gives the go ahead, you can completely cut out his nighttime bottle.  Once he is consistently no longer being fed during the night, you will likely find that he sleeps through the night more and more often.


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