What should I do if my baby has more of a connection with his babysitter than me?

Q: I believe my 6-month old baby boy has a deeper connection with his babysitter (Grandmother) than with me. He doesn't cry when I leave him or seem happy (smile) when I arrive to pick him up. When we leave her house he always cries a little. What should I do?

A: It's always hard to leave your baby--you already feel guilty for doing so. Then, your baby is seemingly more connected to the babysitter than you. Don't feel bad. Grandma gets the best gig, ever. She spends a short period of time with your baby and then she gets to hand him back to you for the hard work. She's the one that parties with him, and showers him with love. Be glad he has a fan club and enjoys her company.

Just because he doesn't cry when he leaves you, doesn't mean he doesn't love you or he loves her more. He is just comfortable being left in capable and caring hands. And you should be relieved about that!


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