How do I cope with maternity leave blues?

Q: It's wintertime, and I've been feeling sad and overwhelmed while cooped up in the house with my newborn baby. How can I cope with maternity leave blues?

A: Here's my advice: Do whatever you have to and get out of the house today. Fresh air and sunshine--even weak winter sunshine--will do both of you a world of good. Even though you'll return to your house (and, of courses, your routine of changing diapers, breastfeeding, and everything in between), you'll likely be in a better frame of mind. One more note: Don't assume that moms of summer babies have it so much easier. Newborn care can be hard and tedious, whether or not the sun is shining, and maternity leave is both fleeting and -- let's admit it -- kind of boring. Plus, taking a newborn out in the sweltering heat is no picnic either. Just think, when spring and summer roll around, you'll be arriving home to a more fun baby and longer, lighter days, and you can go for those walks postwork. --Denise Schipani

Originally published in American Baby magazine, February 2008. Updated 2009


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