How do I use an oral syringe?

Q: How do I use an oral syringe to give my baby medicine?

A: Using an oral syringe may seem intimidating at first, but it's really quite simple. First, remove the cap from the tip of the syringe and throw it away since it could easily become a choking hazard. Wash and rinse the syringe well. Then check out the dosage markings along the side of the syringe to see how far you need to fill it based on the medication's dosage instructions. Place the tip of the syringe into the medicine and slowly pull back the plunger until it's filled with the right amount of medicine. To give baby his medicine, squirt it between his cheek and gums, which will make it easier to swallow. (If you drop the medicine on your baby's tongue, he'll most likely spit it back out at you.) Never squirt the medicine down your baby's throat, since this can make him gag or choke. Wash the syringe again after you're finished and be sure it dries thoroughly to prevent germs from growing.

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