How do I help my baby overcome a recent fear of bath time?

Q: My 9 month old is suddenly afraid of bath time. The only thing that has changed is that we swapped her little infant tub for an older bath tub. We tried switching her back to the original tub, but that didn’'t help. Any suggestion on how to overcome this fear?

A: Young children may become afraid of things they cannot control. Maybe it is where the water reaches her in the new tub, maybe it is simply different, or she got water or soap in her eyes and she remembers, it's hard to know what set things off. You can either stick with the new tub and try to add some fun new distractions--new tub toys, or tub tints (colored bath water) or play music during bath time--something to spice things up and help her transition to the new tub. Or, you can change things up entirely and let her take a shower with you. Whatever you choose, bathing is not negotiable!

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