Is there a safer alternative to a changing table?

Q: My seven week old son loves, loves, loves to be on his changing table. He lays there happily cooing for as long as we can watch him. We do not leave him alone on the changing table (as instructed by the manual), but I would like to find a safer product that is high like the changing table (not a crib because he does not like the crib). Ideally, we would be able to walk into the next room (door open) without safety concerns. (It would be great if we could change him on it, but it's not essential.) I looked around the internet for guard rails to modify our changing table, which is reasonably safe with a contour pad and solid wood guard pieces, but I haven't found anything.  I don't want to spend a ton, but all options would be appreciated.

A: By seven weeks of age some (but not many) children are able to roll over, creating an unsafe situation if they were left unattended on a changing table, bed, sofa, or other elevated surface. This is why you do not find items designed to hold an infant laying down at any height without high walls. I would try a bouncy chair or infant swing, which would enable him to see without rails or netting in the way. If you are going to leave him in the bouncy chair, you need to be very careful about where the chair is sitting.  The ground is the safest place, as injuries happen every year with children falling from countertops or tables while strapped into their bouncy chairs.  Getting yourself down on the floor to play at his eye level will also make the time in a bouncy chair or swing more enjoyable.


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