When can my baby eat eggs?

Q: When can my baby start eating eggs?

A: Eggs whites are one of the big allergy-triggering foods, so you should avoid introducing them to your baby until 12 months, though you can try egg yolks at around 9 months. Hard-boil an egg, peel off the whites and mash up the yolk (it will be soft and chalky); your baby can pick up the pieces himself or you can spoon-feed them. However, if allergies run in your family, or if your baby has signs of other food or seasonal allergies, eczema, or asthma, your pediatrician may recommend waiting longer (until after age 2) to whip up baby's first omelet.

It's common for kids to have bad reactions to eggs the first time they try them (like throwing up shortly after) but these are more likely food sensitivities than actual allergies. If this happens, steer clear of eggs for now and try again in a couple of months. A true egg allergy will have symptoms like hives, flushing, swelling, wheezing, and an increased heart rate. If your child experiences these, you should call the pediatrician right away.

And remember that even if your child does have an egg allergy now, it doesn't mean he always will. In fact, most kids with egg allergies outgrow them by age 5.

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  1. I have read that scientists removed egg whites from allergy triggering foods list. And scientists even recommend to give egg whites to babies earlier to avoid allergy.

    I request parents.com to cross check the above statement and update the article

    1. I agree, this is outdated information and should be removed. The American Pediatric Association actually recommends trying egg (white and yolk) before a year.

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