What should I do if my baby favors me over her mother?

Q: I'm the dad of a 6-month old. My wife stayed home for the first two months then went back to work. The grandmother took care of her util month 5. Now I'm staying home with her. It has been three weeks and my daughter prefers me to her mom, especially when scared or time to sleep. This hurts my wife. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help my daughter want her mom's attention more?

A: First I applaud Dad for being so hands on with the baby and being so sensitive to his wife's concerns. 

Kids naturally prefer the adult who spends the most time with them and makes them feel safe and secure. Is there something that your wife is doing that perhaps you are doing differently that the baby prefers? Try spending time as a threesome and let you wife spend time with your daughter when she isn't scared or tired so they enjoy there time together. Remember parenting is a marathon not a sprint and your daughter is blessed to have three caring adults.