Is it normal my 8 month old doesn't like tummy time?

Q: Is it normal my 8 month old baby hates to be on her tummy? She used to roll off but now gets mad as soon as she lays down. She only likes sitting or standing in the walker.

A: None of my 4 babies liked tummy time -- even a little bit. I tried to make it interesting and fun, and to try it when they were well-rested, fed, and happy. But they just weren't into it. Luckily, they got to use their muscles while trying to crawl, and they enjoyed sitting in a baby seat or in an activity center for awhile. Your baby will probably start trying to crawl soon, so she'll probably be fine (as long as her pediatrician says everything is OK). But be careful about the walker -- these have been found to be dangerous -- and they don't help baby walk any sooner. Try a stationary activity center instead.