30 Baby Names Inspired by Taylor Swift Songs

Got a blank space for a baby name? We've got you covered with Taylor Swift references, from Betty to Cornelia and beyond.

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Taylor Swift is one of our greatest living songwriters, and her catalog of hits is famous for its rich textures, vivid storytelling, and relatable lyrics. Yes, it’s full of references to some of her high-profile relationships and plenty of "Easter eggs" to boot, but it can also be a treasure trove of baby name inspiration. Listen closely to Taylor’s songs and you’ll find classic names like James and Betty, along with more abstract choices like Lavender and Archer—and so, so much more. 

Just as Taylor finds inspiration in her surroundings, you may just find the perfect name for your little one nestled in her lyrics. We’ve rounded up some of the best baby names inspired by Taylor Swift songs, perfect for hardcore Swifties and casual Taylor fans alike.

Taylor Swift Baby Names Inspired by People

Much of Taylor’s oeuvre is populated by characters, whether they’re real people (like her longtime BFF Abigail) or a high school love triangle named after Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s children. 

  • Betty - Betty is a retro name that feels fresh and fun today, whether it’s a standalone or a diminutive for Elizabeth. Your little one will love hearing their name in Taylor’s lovelorn ode from Folklore. 
  • Inez / Ines - You heard the rumors from Inez that this is a great baby name too! Taylor references Inez in the Folklore song “Betty” as the source of some important gossip. Inez has Portugese roots and translates to “pure.”
  • James - James is the third character in the love triangle that Taylor writes about across her Folklore album. While he may be a teenage heartbreaker in her song, James itself is a name that will grow with your child from the hospital delivery room to homeroom. Taylor also mentions the name James in “Begin Again” in reference to James Taylor, and in “Style” regarding James Dean.
  • Abigail - Taylor’s best friend Abigail was immortalized in the song “Fifteen,” but the name itself is classic and timeless. It means “joy” or “joy of the father” and continues to be one of the most popular girl names of all time.
  • Ronan - Taylor wrote “Ronan,” from Red, in honor of a little boy named Ronan Thompson after reading his mother’s blog about his battle with neuroblastoma.
  • Este - Taylor mentions a character named after her friend and collaborator Este Haim in “No Body No Crime.” The name means “star,” much like the women who perform the song.
  • Drew - Drew was a romantic figurehead in some of Taylor’s earliest songs; he's the reason for the teardrops on her guitar, but the name is a great unisex pick.
  • Juliet or Romeo - It’s a love story, baby, just say yes! We’d be remiss not to mention the Shakespearean couple referenced in “Love Story.”
  • Dorothea - Dorothea, a variation of Dorothy, is the main character in the Evermore song of the same name. She’s a Hollywood star “selling makeup and magazines,” but at heart she’s a small town girl. 
  • Marjorie - This name has extra special significance as Taylor’s grandmother’s name. Marjorie is also the title of a touching song on Folklore that reflects on Taylor's relationship with her grandmother and how she feels her presence guiding her today.
  • Stephen - Stephen was the object of Taylor’s affection in the Fearless track about a boy she wanted to kiss in the rain. Stephen is a timeless choice that works well for a first or middle name.
  • Rebecca/Rebekah - Taylor’s Folklore song “The Last Great American Dynasty” was inspired by the real-life socialite Rebekah Harkness, who had a “marvelous time ruining everything” with her newfound wealth.
  • Mary - Oh my my my! “Mary’s Song,” on Taylor’s debut album, was written about her long-married next door neighbors and young love that lasts. Can you get more adorable than that?
  • Daisy/Daisy Mae - Taylor shouts out Daisy Mae in her Midnights song “You’re On Your Own Kid.” The floral name is becoming more popular again, and it feels fresh and springy for a sweet baby girl.
  • Tim/Timothy - Inspired by Taylor’s debut single, “Tim McGraw,” and the legendary country star she sings about, Timothy will never go out of style. (See what I did there?) If you’re a country superfan, naming your child after both Taylor’s song and McGraw himself is like the ultimate honor.
  • Georgia - If Tim is a little on the nose but you love Taylor’s country beginnings, consider Georgia, as in: “The way my blue eyes shined / put those Georgia stars to shame that night.” 
  • Taylor - Well, it is the ultimate tribute! Taylor herself was named in honor of the legendary singer-songwriter James Taylor, and you can carry on the tradition by naming your own future star after her. 

Taylor Swift Baby Names Inspired by Colors

A true rainbow of colors dominates Taylor’s songwriting, but a few hues make for perfect baby names.

  • Lavender - Looking for something super unique? Feel that lavender haze creeping up on you with a colorful Midnights-inspired name that can also be a reference to the fragrant herb.
  • Scarlet - Is “Maroon” not your thing? You can still pay tribute to Midnights with this vibrant name, which does double duty as an homage to Red.

Geographical Names from Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor also finds inspiration in travel, along with places that she lives, and often immortalizes those places in song.

  • London - You "love a London boy" (or any gender) with this Lover-inspired name. London has long been a popular pick for parents looking for a classic geographical name with a royal allure. (Paris Hilton recently shared that it was always her top pick for a daughter.)
  • Paris - Travel to France with your adorable bébé. Taylor’s song of the same name is about the delirious joy and wonder of love—much like new parenthood. 
  • Cornelia - Taylor lived on Cornelia Street in New York City and wrote a song about it. As more “old-fashioned” baby names are coming back into fashion, Cornelia may soon see a surge in popularity. 

Seasonal/Nature Names That Reference Taylor Swift

Take a look out the window and channel your inner Taylor by drawing from the feelings and memories of the outside world.

  • Summer - Summer is a major plot point in many of Taylor’s songs, including the fan favorite “Cruel Summer.” Warm weather, sunny days, hours at the beach—summer conjures up so many wonderful feelings and memories. What more could you want in a summer baby name?
  • Winter - Taylor talks about winter, snow, and the holidays in many of her songs, notably “Forever Winter” and “Tis the Damn Season.” 
  • August - This summery name works for all genders, and it's a sweet but not-so-obvious nod to a hit song on Folklore. August is quickly becoming a major contender on trend lists, but has been a mainstay since the early 1900s.
  • December - You’ll go back to December all the time if you choose this seasonal name for your little one. While April, May, June and August may be more popular “month” names, December conveys a feeling of holiday nostalgia and quiet winter nights.
  • Willow - The Evermore hit single “Willow” is a beautiful nature-inspired choice and instantly conjures visions of calm, graceful trees near a body of water.
  • Ivy - This sweet and simple name does quadruple duty as a reference to nature, Evermore,  boarding schools and colleges, and Taylor’s second home, the U.K., where Ivy has long been a popular name. 

Cosmic Names

Taylor loves referencing fate, destiny and the mystical powers of the stars in her songs, drawing inspiration from astrology and the heavens above.

  • Archer - Taylor is a Sagittarius, hence the perfect title of this introspective Lover song. Whether or not your little one falls under the same star sign, Archer is a name that can grow with them.
  • Grace - Go super classic with Grace, a timeless choice that can also serve as a reference to the fan favorite Red song “State of Grace.” Taylor Grace is a pretty great name, right?
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