Moreno: What Surprised Me About Pregnancy

Robyn Moreno: What Surprised Me About Pregnancy

The one thing Robyn Moreno did not expect during her pregnancy will put expecting mothers at ease.

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[MUSIC] One thing that I didnt expect with my pregnancy is actually how much fun it was going to be. I know that sounds lame, but for some reason I was really scared. To be pregnant, I really was. The thought of burping a baby scared me, the thought of like growing and stretching, the whole thing was terrifying. And you know, it was so much cooler than I thought. You know, the clothes can be super fun, you know everyone is really, really nice to you. It's true you get to eat whatever you want. Which is pretty awesome but I feel like they do that first time that baby just kicks inside of you. And you get this idea that it's more then just you it's like you and someone else that is connected forever. It's one of the most amazing experiences ever and something that I never ever expected [MUSIC]