Disney World: Ease Your Trip With Magic Bands

Walt Disney World: Ease Your Trip With Magic Bands

Mindy Walker, executive editor of American Baby, shares her secret weapon for Disney World success: Disney magic bands. The wristbands allow families to buy ice cream, sign up for a FastPass, and even get into the hotel room without having to carry any cards or cash.

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[MUSIC] My family just returned from an exciting trip to Disney World. We loved trying out the new Magic Bands you wear on your wrist. We picked out our colors online, at home, before we left. Of course, my daughters chose pink. Your Magic Band eliminates having to carry different cards around. You use it to enter your room. You use it as your park ticket. Look for these Mickey ears. You also use it to store your Fast Pass, experiences you've selected to skip the line for. We loved riding Dumbo. Your family photos that a Disney photographer takes get stored on your Magic Band view online later. I love this photo of my girls with Cinderella. You wear it while swimming at your Disney resort. No surprise, my girls love shopping for Frozen goodies. You can buy your meals and other purchases with your Magic Band. Now we're saving our Magic Bands to use the next time we visit Disney, and that can't be soon enough. [MUSIC]