Best Packaged Foods

25 Best Packaged Foods

Here's how the editors of Parents determined which packaged foods ranked the highest. Categories included time-savers, nutritional standards, and children's enjoyment.

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Every year thousands of new packaged food hits supermarkets across the country. To help you navigate the grocery aisle, parents scout stores for the best products-ones that save time, met all nutritional standards and were with the kids. So, how did we decide from thousands? First we eliminated products with artificial colors and flavors, then we critically examined each items-saturated fat and Sodium content. For example soups that contained more than 400 milligrams of Sodium per serving per cup. Then it was time for taste tests. More than 100 kids and their parents lent us their taste buds at our test kitchen in Des Moines, Iowa. Each tester completed a survey telling us which meal, snacks and desserts they liked best. When the results came in and it is reviewed, Kids' Favorites at our offices in New York City, the final 25 are what you see here. Happy shopping.