You Need to Know About Birth Order

What You Need to Know About Birth Order

Your kids' birth order might affect their personalities more than you think. Learn more about which traits are common for oldest, middle, youngest, and only children.

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Have you ever wondered why your kids are so incredibly different from each other? Maybe one is always agreeable, while the other kicks and screams about everything. Or one is a take charge leader, while the other just follows along. Or maybe one is dead serious, but another acts like the resident class clown. Birth order can influence your child's personality and each spot on the food chain has its own ups and downs. The first born enjoys ruling the roost but must deal with parents' great expectations. Middle kids have an older sibling to learn from but may get lost in the sibling shuffle. The baby of the family often gets cuddled but she might be frustrated when she can't keep up with older siblings. Singletons grow up without any sibling competition but have no brothers and sisters to play with and learn from. Birth order can shape the person your child will become. By appreciating each one individually, you can help your kids feeling loved, confident and happy.