Street Lessons: Limiting Sweets

Sesame Street Lessons: Limiting Sweets

Elmo and Murray explain how they make healthy food choices, even when it's tempting to eat more treats than veggies.

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-Hey, Elmo look. Parent. -Hi parent. -Hi parent. -I don't wanna eat too much ice cream 'cause my mom says you shouldn't. It's a sometimes food. Did you know that Elmo? -That's right. That's right. -Ice cream is a sometimes food. -Sometimes food. -So, when I'm out I say mama can I get an ice cream cone and she said, Murray, you just had an ice cream cone last night. That's how my mom sounds. You just had one last night Murray. Just take it easy on the ice cream cone and I'll say but mommy I really like ice cream cones. Let's just say that's a sometimes food Murray. And I said but mom what am I gonna eat instead and she said, why don't you have an anytime food and I said mom, what's an anytime food and she says like a fruit or a vegetable and I said, all right mom, give me a fruit or a vegetable and you know what Elmo? -Yeah right. -She's right. -It's not ice cream but it's pretty good.