Street Lessons: Handling Anger

Sesame Street Lessons: Handling Anger

Handling anger can be a tough skill for your little one to master. In this video, Elmo and Murray show how to deal with this emotion.

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-Hey Elmo look, parent. -Hi parents. -Hi parent. -Elmo do you ever get so angry that you just wanna, you wanna push somebody or you get so mad you just really can't control yourself? -Yeah. Elmo sometimes does get angry. -You do and do you ever pushed anybody? -Yeah. Elmo tries not to because it's not very nice. -Well, sometimes I really, I just-I get so mad like say, like somebody says something mean about my yellow hair. -Okay. -And then get I so, I wanna push him. -Oh no. -How do I stop myself Elmo? -What did you do? -What do I do? How do I stop myself? -Elmo thinks you should calm down. -What's a good way to keep yourself calm Elmo? -What-if [unk] breathes. -How-what's a good calming way to breathe Elmo? -If you breathe with your belly. -Breathe with my belly? -That's right. -But my belly button doesn't take in any air Elmo. -No, not your belly button. -Well, how do I belly breathe then? -Do it like this. -So I go slow through my nose. -That's right. -And then out through my mouth? -Yeah and do that for a little bit. How does Murray feel? -I feel kinda calm. -There you go. -Well if you wanna push, just take a calming breath. -That's right.