Street Lessons: Advice for Picky Eaters

Sesame Street Lessons: Advice for Picky Eaters

If your toddler says "yuck" to healthy meals, have her watch this video. Elmo and Murray teach picky eaters how to be open to new foods.

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-Hey Elmo look! Parent! -Hi parents! -Hi parents! -I do not like meatloaf. Mom, sorry but you just can't make a good meatloaf, what do I do? -Wait what, what Elmo is, if Elmo does not like something that mommy and daddy makes. -Yeah. -Elmo tries with sauce. -Yes. -Cause it's very important to try new foods. -Is it really? -Yes! -I just do this, like, oh what is that stink? -No, Murray, Murray, Murray, you can't do that. -Why? -Because maybe, just maybe. -Yeah. -You like. -I doubt it. Pretend you're my mom. -Okay. -And you offer me something I never had before. -Yeah. -Say hey! This is Murray's mom and Murray I made you something new, wait a minute! You're just moving your lips when I said it. Okay, I'll just do it anyway you want. -Okay, okay, okay, okay. Okay, hello, Elmo is Murray's mommy. -Yeah. -And Murray's mommy has some meatloaf for Murray. -No! I won't try it. I don't want it. I don't like it mom. -But Murray you have to try it, you might like it. -All right I'll give it a try. -Give it a try. What do you think? -It's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. -See? -But. -That's because it's good thing that Murray tried it. -Yeah, try a new food. -That's right! You might like them. -Or you might not like them, then you could just not eat it. -Just try it. -Or not. -Just try it. -Or not. -Maybe you should try it. -Maybe you should. -You'll never know. -You know, you might know.