Street Lessons: Brothers and Sisters

Sesame Street Lessons: Brothers and Sisters

Do your kids fight often? Sesame Street characters Elmo and Murray share how to resolve conflicts with siblings.

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-Hey Elmo look, parent. -Hi parents. -Hi parents. Elmo, do you have any brothers or sisters? -No, Elmo doesn't have any brothers or sisters, just a mommy and daddy. -Neither do I but you know what, my little friend, Novejita, she has brothers and sisters. -Oh, really. -Yeah. And I always wonder how do they get along? -Yeah. -How do you think brothers and sisters get along? -Well, Elmo is not sure but Elmo knows with his friends that it is important to take turns. -Taking turns is good. -That's right. -Yeah. -And listening to your friend. -What about if you're mom is paying attention to your little sister and you really want your mom's attention. What do you do Elmo? What would you do? -Oh, boy. Well Elmo will try to make sure that Elmo's little sister, pretend little sister. -Yeah, pretend little sister. -That's right had enough time with mommy and then Elmo would try to talk to mommy too when Elmo's sister is done. -When Elmo's- that's good, you're really good at taking turns. -Elmo tries. -I would do that, I would say ma common, enough with the baby, what about me? Is that right? Should I do that? -Elmo doesn't think that's right. -No. Then I'd say, you love that baby more than me mother and then make her feel all guilty, is that good? -Are you okay? -What? -Elmo doesn't think that any of this is right. -No? I really need help. Thank goodness I have no brothers and sisters. -That's right.