Street Lessons: Healthy Eating

Sesame Street Lessons: Healthy Eating

In this video about healthy eating, Elmo and Murray discuss the benefits of having a balanced diet.

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-Hey Elmo look, parent. -Hi parents. -Hi parent. -Elmo loves fruits and vegetables. -I love fruits and vegetables too Elmo. What is your-Elmo, what is your favorite fruit? -Elmo loves apples. -Apples are delicious. -Yeah. -And they also come in many colors. -That's right. -You can get a yellow apple. You can get a red apple. -Yeah. -You can get a green apple. -Yeah. -And sometimes you get a ground brown mushy one, you shouldn't eat that one. -Elmo doesn't like this. -It means it's not good anymore. -That's right. -Don't eat the brown mushy ones. -That's right. -Guess what-guess what's what my favorite fruit is. -What is it? -My favorite fruit is casaba melons. -Casaba melons. -I like-I like honeydew, I like watermelon, I like cantaloupe, I like casaba, I just love the melons. -I think we got the point. -What about veggies? -Elmo loves veggies. -Elmo do you like veggies? -Elmo likes-Elmo likes eggplant. -Eggplant is a good veggie. -Yeah and Elmo likes, let's see, broccoli. -Broccoli is an awesome veggie. -Elmo loves broccoli. -You know what my favorite is? -What's that? -The Brussels sprout. Delicious.