Street Lessons: Learning Tips and Tricks

Sesame Street Lessons: Learning Tips and Tricks

Learning about new things is very important, and something that Sesame Street characters Elmo and Murray know plenty about. Watch them share their tips and tricks on how to be a good learner.

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-Hey Elmo look, parent! -Hi parents! -Hi parent! -Do you ever have trouble learning something new Elmo? -Well Elmo sometimes has trouble remembering things. -You do? -Yeah. -I have-I always have trouble like if I have to learn a new thing. -Yeah. -It helps me if I repeat it over and over again. When I repeat something over and over again, or sometimes, if it's a new word. -Yeah. -I write it down. I write down the new word. -Oh that's a good idea. -And I look at it. and then I can remember it. So saying something over and over again like let's, let's see something new. -Teach me something new Elmo. -Okay. -Go ahead. -Let's see here. -You know any new words? I like words. -Let's see, Elmo, how about, how about respect? -Respect! -The word respect. -Respect! -Which means treating others the way you like to be treated. -So it mean, respect means to, respect it means to… -Treating… -Does it have something to do with your belt? Your pants? -No, it doesn't have to do with your belt. -Anything to do with pants? -You know what Murray? -What? -Maybe you should write it down. -I'll write it down. -Okay. -Okay let me get a pen. -Respect! -Let's get a pen right here. -Respect! -I'm just looking for my pen, I'm just looking for my pen. -Okay. -I have them in my pocket somewhere. -I'm gonna wait. -It's in there somewhere. Let me get that, okay! I got my pen. -You got it? -Yup. -Oh very good, okay. -Right it down. How do you spell it? -R -R -E -E -S -S -P -P -E -E -C -C -T -T -Respect! -Then respect. -That's right. -Respect, now what does it mean? -It means to treat others the way that you would like to be treated. -Respect, to treat others the way you would like to be treated. -Do I'm gonna have to spell out that for you too? -Respect! R-E-S-P-E-C-T! -That's right! -That's how you spell it! -That's right! -And that's treating others like you wanna be treated. -Respect! -Respect! Hey look! I learned something new. I respect you for teaching me that. -I'm gonna respect you too. -Thank you.