Street Lessons: Bedtime Fears

Sesame Street Lessons: Bedtime Fears

When kids are alone and in the dark, things can get scary. Elmo and Murray give advice on how to overcome bedtime fears.

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-Hey Elmo look, parent. -Hi parents. -Hi parent. -What's the matter? You afraid? -I'm afraid of the dark Elmo. -Oh you don't to have to be afraid of the dark. -[unk] at nighttime. When it's dark in the room, I just don't know if something's there. Something may be there Elmo. It may be in the closet or into the bed. -Murray. -I don't want to die. -Murray. -What, what, what? -It's okay, you have a nightlight, that's very helpful. -A nightlight? -Elmo has a nightlight in his bedroom. -Why didn't I think of this? Hey ma, get me a nightlight. -Get a nightlight.