Street Lessons: Bedtime Routines

Sesame Street Lessons: Bedtime Routines

Having a schedule helps everyone stay organized. Elmo and Murray share how bedtime routines are important to keep every day.

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-Hey Elmo look, parent. -Hi parents. -Hi parent. -Sometimes if Elmo doesn't want to go sleep, Elmo's mommy or daddy will read a bedtime story to Elmo. -Oh, I love bedtime stories. My mommy does that to me too. -Yeah. And it helps Elmo calm down and fall asleep. -We go through a routine in my house. -What's that right? -First we go upstairs and I put on my jammies. -Okay. -Yeah. Then we go to the bathroom and I brush my teeth. -Okay. -Then we do the goodnight dance now, it's time for the goodnight dance. Goodnight everybody. -Oh, that's fun. -Yeah, that's what we do and then I get into the bed. -Yeah. -And then she reads me a story then she cuddles me and gives me a kiss goodnight, -Yeah. -And then it's time to sleep. -That's a nice bedtime routine. -Thank you.