Cover Contest 2013

Parents Cover Contest 2013

Take a peek behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the finalists of the 2013 Parents magazine cover contest--and see who won!

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Hi. I'm Lily, Photo Director of Parents magazine. I'm gonna take you behind the scenes at our cover contest photo shoot. All of our contest winners flew in to New York City from around the country, and we took them to a photo studio in Lower Manhattan. We were so excited to meet all the winners and their parents. The crew started the day pretty early with lots of coffee while we got ready for all those kids. Our stylist built an awesome set for us to use and brought lots of fun props and toys for all the kids to play with. Our fashion stylist brought lots of adorable clothing, shoes, and accessories. The team from Parents worked with them to figure out just the right things to put in each picture. We had such a fun day hanging out in the studio taking pictures, goofing off, and eating lots of snacks. The best part was seeing how much fun these kids have with their parents and also how much fun they had meeting new friends. Check out our November cover contest winner.