Thanksgiving Kid Craft: Mayflower Centerpiece

Directions for making a paper Mayflower centerpiece for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Mayflower centerpiece. You will need: brown grocery sack, scissors, templates, white paper, crayons, tape, play-doh, parchment, skewer, and crinkled packing paper. Use the template to trace and cut out the shape ( Decorate the sides. Fold the sides. Tape the edges to form the ends or the ship. Flatten the bottom of the ship. Draw two sails. Write a message on them. Insert the skewer. Tape a paper flag to the top. Insert the skewer into a ball of Play-Doh in the bottom of the ship. Fill the ship's hold with crinkled packing paper. Cut the parchment paper into shapes. Place them on the ship for guests' messages of thanks.