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Get the best back to school advice that these parents have to offer.

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-I think that the best advice I give myself and would give to others is just take a breath and get to know and listen to your own child and take what works and leave the rest. -Don't sweat the small stuff. If they want to wear shirt with stripes and pants with stripes going the opposite way, that's okay. Just like silly little things like that that they don't have to look perfect every day. It's what makes them comfortable and makes them happy because a happy child is a successful child, and try to enjoy every moment of everything they do, every little piece of art, everything that they make and everything that they're right. -Be there for your children if they need your assistance, but don't pressure them too much. -Have faith in your children and that they will walk and talk when it's their time to walk and talk. Just as young babies will walk when they're ready to walk. Your children will blossom when it's their turn to blossom and they'll find their way, and I pray every day for my children and I just think that helps in some small way. And I like to say have patience and have faith in your children and it'll all work out.