Royal Baby Is Born!

The Royal Baby Is Born!

Raise your glass and make a toast as Parents celebrates the birth of the prince--the future king of England--with Rosie Pope

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[time:00:00:07] Kate Middleton and Prince William have welcomed a baby boy. I'm Rosie Pope with Parents Magazine celebrating from New York. The prince was born on July 22nd at 4:24 PM, London time. His royal highness weighed in at 8 pounds, and 6 ounces. [time:00:00:30] We hear that Kate and William will be following some royal traditions while breaking a few others. First, new mom Kate is not expected to use a royal nanny. Kate and William may have help to assist with laundry and cooking but with all her public appearances we suspect she'll have a little baby-sitting help. In addition, Kate has prepared a nursery at her home in Kensington Palace and a second nursery at her parents' home. She'll be cocooning now with William and the baby in their first few [time:00:01:00] weeks together as a family. We hear Kate's taste in nursery decor is much like her personal style; clean and classic. As for the christening, the newest royal will be wearing a gown that's copy of an ornate silk and lace gown Prince William wore. William's gown was originally made for Queen Victoria's daughter in 1840; it was worn by royal babies for more than 150 years until it started to wear out. This baby and any royal siblings will [time:00:01:30] wear the new replica. So, congratulations Prince William and Duchess Kate, at Parents Magazine we know there's no finer occasion to celebrate than the birth of a new baby. Cheers.