Kids Like (And Don't Like) About School

What Kids Like (And Don't Like) About School

Parents asked kids to share what they like best about going to school. Their answers are, er, educational.

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-I'm in first grade. -I'm in second grade. -I go to pre-grade. -I mean kindergarten. -Kindergarten. -Kindergarten. -I don't go to school. I'm homeschooled. -I like to learn and I have a big [unk] under my house with all the work that I got- that I did. -I like best if I'm going to school is math. I could count up to 99 zillion 99. -Favorite subject is writing. I like to write about stuff that makes me interesting-- things. -I like to write about my family. -More than about math- how to make a snake-- -Every single day. We do something called reading [unk]. Anyways, that's the boringness day we do in school. -I like everything else about school. I just don't like having homework.