Pope's Style Picks for Kate Middleton

Rosie Pope's Style Picks for Kate Middleton

Rosie Pope recommends three chic outfits--from a casual weekend look to all out glam--all inspired by Kate Middleton's style.

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I'm Rosie Pope and today, I'm gonna be discussing our favorite princess, Kate Middleton and her maternity style. I picked three looks that are very Kate Middleton, if you'd like anyway of her style and she is after all an amazing style icon both pregnant and not pregnant. The first look I wanna look at is a very preppy look. In England we call this the slow-range of style. So, Kate is picking, it's a very tailored look and not wearing very stretchy spandex type materials. So, if you wanna look like Kate, you wanna be relaxed on the weekend, this is the look you've got [unk]. A tailored shirt, a pair of khaki pants. This Parisian flats is a perfect look. Kate has a lot of obligations, whether it's ribbon cutting, going to schools, libraries, and she needs to look real and elegant but very comfortable. I designed this dress, which is very, very comfortable. It's a cotton in a very wiggle emerald green. We've seen her in this color a lot before. It also has a lace detail to make it very feminine but the collar is not too low. It has a little sleeve to cover the arm and a dress that's not too short. So, it's very appropriate for any occasion during the day. We love to see Kate Middleton dressed up. So, if you have an event to go to, you might wanna look like Kate, this dress has a lot of beadings so it's very elegant and sophisticated but it also a very modest, just like Kate. It's a high neckline, it's not too short and it has a little cap sleeves. It's also made out of a fabric called Ponte de Roma. Now, Ponte de Roma is very tight so it accentuates your bump but it's still very tailored and just like Kate. So, this is perfect for any occasion you might have.