Pope Dishes on the Royal Baby

Rosie Pope Dishes on the Royal Baby

From baby names to William and Kate's future parenting style, Rosie Pope answers your questions about the royal baby.

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I'm Rosie Pope. I am a contributing editor at the Parents Magazine, and today, I'm gonna be answering some of your questions about the royal baby. Everyone wants to know what Kate and William are gonna call their baby. Traditionally, these are some of the names that William and Kate might be thinking about. First of all, they are likely to name the baby after a successful monarch, not a monarch that has had a bad reputation. Second of all, they are likely to name the baby after a monarch that's still living, like Queen Elizabeth. Third of all, the baby will probably have multiple names-- maybe even four-- like Prince William. Then, maybe or not, somewhere in it Princess Diana but it's very unlikely to be the first name. Some of the names that have been flying around are names like Henry or Louie, and for girls, like Victoria and Caroline. Traditionally, the royal family in England has had a very hands-off parenting style and in general, lets staff raise the children. But Princess Diana and also Princess Anne really broke this mold. And I really think William and Kate are gonna follow in that style after Princess Diana, and be very loving and very hands-on and not have so much staff around all the time, and really take care of that baby. I think people are very concerned about what chances this royal baby has at a normal child life. But, you know, it has just the same chances as William and Harry have had. And they are gonna be in the public eye that they're gonna be surrounded by very protective people. And the thing about being in the royal family as opposed to being a celebrity is people do respect their wishes a little bit more. So if they need privacy, they are more likely to be given that privacy by the English press than perhaps an American celebrity would. So while this child is gonna grow up in a very strange world, in a royal world, I do think they're gonna be privileged and have the protection in a way that's gonna allow them to have a little bit more normal of an upbringing than you may imagine.