Gun Laws Work?

Will Gun Laws Work?

Vice President Joe Biden explains why strict gun laws in certain cities, such as Chicago, are not enough to reduce violence in those places.

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-Many of our users ask about the example that are set by Chicago and some about Connecticut, where they do have some metric gun laws. Jessica Forte popped out for instance rights, Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country and among the nation's leaders in murders and gun violence. Please explain how strict our gun control will prevent gun violence. -No one said he can't be in oasis in the middle of other wise well at the desert. In the major cities of New York and Chicago and Philadelphia, most of the guns recovered at the crime scene are those weapons that have come from, you know, Indiana or Pennsylvania or wherever, not the city and not the state in which they have the strict gun laws. And that's why there's a need for some universal sanity and the type of weapon that it can be sold and the need for universal background checks. And that's the rationale but the city of New York, I forget the number but it's more than a half of the guns recovered at the scene, none of them are purchased in New York and very few are from the state of New York or from Florida and Alabama and other places around the country, and the same thing exist in Chicago or Los Angeles or any major cities in America.