Laws and Drug Bans: A Fair Comparison?

Gun Laws and Drug Bans: A Fair Comparison?

Vice President Joe Biden answers a question from a Parents reader about whether new gun laws can be effective and whether they can be compared to anti-drug laws.

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-Samantha Philips asks, "If the ban and drugs did not work with taking them off the street. How do you think a ban on guns is going to be different?" -Well, Samantha. There is no ban on guns. No one is banning the gun. No one is taking my shotguns. I have two shotguns at home there in a cabinet, they're locked. There's ammunition there as well. No one is gonna come and take my gun. No one's gonna take anyone's gun. We're talking about the background check and the analogy to if there was a ban on drugs, how can be a ban on, you know, how would any regulation of the type of weapon available out there. Why would that make sense? Are you suggesting we have no, we just legalize all drugs? Is that what you're suggesting? That would go real well on Parents magazine. Let's talk about everybody being able to, no matter what your age, go out and be able to purchase a cocaine. What do you think about that idea? Look. These comparisons are not appropriate quite frankly. But secondly, the idea on-- you should have no law unless the law you have prevents all violations at that law. That is not the way society works. That is not the way we-- the moral disapprobation of society has an impact on behavior and societies. And the moral disapprobation of the idea that you could leave a loaded gun around your house, there shouldn't be gun safety and practiced by families that own weapons, etc. is a very important element and seen [unk] greater gun safety and security for our children.