Food on a Budget

Healthy Food on a Budget

Andrea King-Collier is a journalist, mother and a food activist. We interviewed her in Washington D.C. during the NABJ conference on health disparities. Andrea recognizes that eating healthy can seem costly to a busy working parent, but in her opinion the benefits are surely worth the extra effort. She offered some practical advice for eating healthy on a budget. Shop seasonally - Take advantage of locally grown, seasonal products. These are often much cheaper than produce that is imported or not in season. Explore Farmer's Markets - Take a closer look at your local farmer's market, you may find some good deals and even special discounts for SNAP recipients. Plan ahead - Make a list and try to stick to only those items. Make tradeoffs - Instead of buying soda or junk food, use the extra money you’re saving for vegetables, fruits or quality lean meats. Buy in bulk – If you find a good sale, take advantage and buy more, you can easily bag and freeze for months to come. Great idea for berries in smoothies! Batching – A great option that will save money and time: make a big batch of black bean chili and keep some in the freezer, stashed away for a busy night when you don’t have as much time to cook.

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