Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Patrick's parents talk about their warm feelings toward the staff at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, one of Parents magazine's choices for best children's hospital in 2013.

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-It's great to know that whenever I had a concern that Amanda couldn't quite answer. I could pick up the phone from my rack and I did several times call back and ask to speak to the nurse practitioners or ask to speak with doctors and explain to me what is this procedure, why are we doing this. I was very confident that I was always gonna get good answers. I don't think I can even describe what I feel about the nurses and the doctors that took care of him. They really have extra-ordinary jobs and extra-ordinary people. And we're fortunate that we do keep in touch with a lot of them and we e-mail pictures and a lot of them came to his first birthday party that we had in February and I hope that they're gonna be a part of his life, I mean, for forever. I mean they were such a huge part of surviving. -You know, I have a tough job in the military, you know, we've-- I've been deployed twice. I've seen things that I never wanted to see. I have done a hard job and I gotta tell you, the people who work for these kids day in and day out fighting for their lives and fighting for their families that care and love them so much. They're just as much of a hero as anybody that's ever want a hero form. The [unk] of my children they're my heroes. They really are.