Children's Hospital, Houston

Texas Children's Hospital, Houston

After being transferred to Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, Leanny was able to have a successful infant heart transplant. Texas Children's was selected by Parents as one of the top 10 children's hospitals for 2013.

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-To the team of Texas Children's Hospital will tell them thank you. Thank you for all you did for us. She was eating less. She was not active. Her face like her demeanor was like pale and sad. They said nothing what's wrong, that maybe I was-- since I was a first time mom that maybe I was overwhelmed by it. She was having symptoms like asthma like breathing fast. I knew, you know, a mother instinct, I knew something was wrong. She was turning blue and then they say we cannot take care of her anymore here. She's gonna be sicker and sicker and we don't know what's going on. So they [unk] children 5 minutes after they say we're gonna have to call a plane 'cause she's getting even worst to the point that she's not able to breathe and getting enough oxygen through her body. They say she had a heart condition and that her heart was swollen to the point that she was not gonna be able to survive. They said that she was needing a heart transplant. I thought that meant that she was gonna die and that meant that she will not be able to have her. That meant that our lives will not be the same ever anymore not even the medication were able to make her heart work properly and she was getting sicker because the medicines were so strong that her pancreas was already filled. So they said, if we keep going like this, maybe she won't be able to make it to the heart transplant. We will need another option. That was the best decision we made although it was hard at first but after maybe 3 weeks that she had the machine, she was already playing. Yeah, everything started to change [unk] heart. She was able to at least learn to crawl a little bit and that she was able to stand up on her feet and play and jump a little bit too. When they told me that they had a heart for her, it was very, very happy time for us. 'Cause we knew that after that it was-- be a matter of her healing and getting better for us to get out of the hospital. -Leannie. -Everytime that she sees her scar and she says, Mommy, what happened here? I tell her your heart was changed and you have another heart from another child. We don't take every day for granted no more. Maybe she wouldn't have gone through all of this but now and every day for us is we have to make the most of it. -Bye.