's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Sam was transferred to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, Milwaukee shortly after his birth. Watch his parents discuss his treatment and the 11 operations performed at the hospital in Sam's first months of life. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin was selected as one of Parents top 10 children's hospitals for 2013.

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-Can you say hi? -That we knew it was pretty bad rough situation and we didn't know if he was gonna make it or not. -Sam was a baby that came to us from an outside hospital. He had had a very difficult delivery. He had developed a liver laceration. -We didn't find out until later that evening that he had had CPR already that day that he had actually needed to be resuscitated, and at roughly 3 o'clock in the morning, they gave us a call that they were transferring him to Children's Hospital 'cause they couldn't stabilize him. They made it very clear that it was a real possibility that he wasn't gonna make it. When he went in for his first surgery, it wasn't even an option. That was the only option to save him and they weren't even sure it was gonna work. -And the liver was bleeding a lot and newborns' bleeding problems are a big issue. -After that first surgery, the next day, he actually started bleeding out from it again and they had to do the same surgery again. You know, within 36 hours, 48 hours, he had had two major surgeries. -Over his months in the NICU, he had 11 operations, four of which he was so sick that he couldn't even leave the NICU. They had to do the operation in the NICU itself. -They were trying to treat it medically and it wasn't working. At that point, we actually had another pastor come in and he had his last rights. -We knew it was bad 'cause there were probably, I'd say, almost 20 people in the room. -There were two nurses at least. There was a respiratory therapist, pediatric anesthesiologist, four surgeons alone, but there are surgical nurses. So, all of those people helped with not just that first day, but really about the first couple of weeks after his first surgery. And they sent us home September 30, 2010. -I looked at Scott and I said, they must think we're really smart to let us take him home because from what care he had been given 24 hours a day, seven days a week to us coming home was incredible, unbelievable. -He was exceptionally resilient. He went through a lot, but he always came through. -Children's Hospital saved Sam's life. -But if we didn't have Children's, Sam would not be here to this day. -I don't think there's any other hospital in the State of Wisconsin that could have treated Sam and that Sam would have been a survivor. -The fact that Children's Hospital is 20 minutes from our house and right in our backyard clearly saved his life and clearly is the reason we have two sons instead of one without question.