's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

See the updated campus for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, one of Parents magazine's 10 best children's hospitals for 2013.

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-The new campus is such an exciting thing for us. It is beautiful. It's big. It's spacious. It's very quiet. -It's 10 acres. It's about 1.6 million square feet and 5 buildings that are integrated. -Family-centered care is one of the principles that we had in mind as this hospital was designed. -My son, Daniel, received a liver transplant on February 6. We're staying at the Ronald McDonald House, which has a crossway, a bridge way, to the hospital, which is very nice. -One of our wow factors of the new campus is our 6th floor, which is a 20,000 square foot family resource center. It has a 6-story atrium, an outdoor healing garden, a business center. It also has our chapel and many of our child life features like our music therapy is housed there and our playroom where children can go and it's a medical free zone. No nurses or doctors interact with them and they interact with our child life specialist who basically help them forget that they're in a hospital. When we were planning this facility, we wanted family-centered care approach. We wanted technological sophistication. We wanted environmental sustainability and we also wanted a quiet hospital. -We tried to think about all of the things that create noise in a hospital and we tried to do away with as many of those as we could here. -If you think about how many kids come through here a day and how long it should be and that you can go up on your unit, close your door, and go to sleep, that's an amazing feat. -One of the big enhancements of the new hospital is the majority of our rooms are private. -Having a private room does help us quite a bit because on the day that Daniel did have a moment where he had a seizure, he got such great care. We had the room for the team to come in and work-- and do what they had to do and we didn't have to bother anybody else. -We got input not only from architects, but we got input from physicians, nurses, all manner of caregivers and then we were very certain to get input from families. -The room is essentially constructed as 3 different zones; one's for the family, one's for the patient, one's for the caregiver. -A lot of innovative features. One is that the nurse server, the trash, the linen, and the meal tray can all be accessed from both inside and outside the room so that we can reduce traffic very significantly and that does 2 things. It enhances privacy and quiet. It also decreases the risk of spreading infection. -One of our 5 core principles of design was technological sophistication and Children's Hospital truly leads the world in this area. We have created an e-Record, which is essentially one patient one record. We have a single integrated electronic health record for each child that comes to Children's. -All of the practitioners here whether you're seen in the ambulatory center or the emergency department, the operating room, or as an inpatient are looking at the same record. -One thing that is incredible here is the communication because Danny has several teams. You don't have to walk in and start from scratch each time you see a doctor. They really do communicate better than any facility I've ever seen. -We've made significant investment in this over time, and we truly believe that an investment in technology is an investment in patient safety and quality. Some of our key centers of excellence include pediatric transplant, heart, and neuroscience. Transplant is really our trademark throughout the world. We did the first pediatric transplant here in the early `80s and we've done more pediatric solid organ transplants than any Children's Hospital in the world. -We have programs in Neurosurgery that are unique especially a focus here on head injury and recovery from head injury as well as a very large program related to brain tumors and management both medically and surgically. We've got 6 fully-quipped, minimally invasive surgery rooms here; what are called integrated rooms, which means that there are video screens all over the place. All of the equipment is hanging from the ceilings by boom so we can very quickly adapt the room toward whatever it is that we're trying to do. I think from a surgical point of view we can say that we are absolutely the state-of-the-art Children's Hospital in the country right now. -There are many reasons that I would have a parent come to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The primary reason is the skill level, the dedication, and the commitment of the people. The nurses here, the physicians, all our staff work very collaboratively to provide a wonderful experience for parents from the moment they check in to park to the time they're discharged. -I would say check out Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and what they can do for your child. -If you have kids, be glad you have Children's.